September 05th, 2011


Dear Passengers,


In continuation of our last update, in reference to our Ferry Service, we are here informing our General Public that we are still on stream, looking forward to the launching date to be executed.


We apologize to all of you due to the delay which was out of our control. However, because of our perseverance, we can now update you on regards.


Please be aware that the service we offer will be to cater for at a time, 900 passengers and 180 vehicles, plus loose cargo and Currier Service.


We are revising the schedule for the larger vessel; the two previous small vessels will provide Charter and Excursions Service between the Islands.


The compliance page remains active in this website.


We are very thankful to the Government and the people of the region, for their patience and appreciation, and the good wishes in welcoming our service.


Thank You for visiting our site and hope to see you soon!


BEDY Ocean Line will be your travel solution!





BEDY Travel Management